About us

Pixwell was born from the passion for innovation, curiosity for new technologies, our own marketing experience and the push toward international markets grown along the years.

The Agency is based on the strong use of the digital tools, which are necessary to plan strategic and creative solutions for brand building and communication.

The core business refers to business and firms interested in promoting themselves abroad, because we believe great things may come from international partnerships.

All the projects are innovative and are the result of mixing and matching marketing strategies and digital resources.

All our Marketing specialists abroad are mother tongue, so they ensure the best service thanks to their expertise, skills and the deep insight into the characteristics of their countries.

The starting points are basically two: to have a deep knoledge of our client’s activities and objective, the customers’ behavior research and analysis.

Pixwell srl

P.za Generale C.A. dalla Chiesa, 33
35010 - Curtarolo - Italy
+39 049 52 11 994

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